Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tired and Sore

Last night I worked out at RPM / Spin class for the first time in ages. It was hard.
This morning I got up early and weighed myself and I've gained, then I took the dogs to the park and made myself powerwalk continuously up and down a hill as an incline. That was hard.
After work today I went to personal training and did a boxing session. That was hardest.

I hope I can keep working out and keep motivated. I'm seeing results but weight gains are so disheartening. And I'm really starting to hate food. Clean eating CAN be delicious, but it can also be really hard. I'm already a really fussy eater, I am not vegan or vegetarian but I'm fussy. I'm a fussytarian.

I eat meat but for example, if I cook chicken too long and it's a bit dry it scares me, if I cook chicken a little under and it's juicy I freak out. I hate lamb, I only eat fish from restaurants and rarely from a box, beef is my favourite meat but then again chicken and fish are best for you. I only eat Turkey if it's shaved deli turkey for sandwiches. I find all meats are really easy to eat when disguised in rice, pasta or mash, so eating clean is getting a bit tricky.

Tonight I tried to make a creamy chicken dish (using low fat / low sugar / low card philly cheese) I put chicken, bacon, mushrooms with peas and broccoli in the sauce and cooked it all. Tallboy loved it, I hated it. I know that if I had had that meal with mash I would have eaten all of it. I really need to try and change my freak outs, but I am totes unenthused by food at the moment.

I did however find out that protein pancakes really taste amazing, so I had those for dinner.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better food day.

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