Thursday, 10 May 2012

Need that skirt

Ok so I created a wantworthy page, I've heard about it in a magazie and also heard about pinterest but I can't find the person on FB who has an account and can't figure out the rest of how to get onboard with pinterest. Pish too hard - wantworthy seems easy as and better. Would be a lot of fun to keep track of things.

I just quickly had a look - still can't believe I procrastinated this long from finishing tafe.. oops. Anways that Dotti Skirt, is a MUST HAVE NOW item. Omg I need it, I could pair it up with so much.
In my head right now it would go PERFECT with a sheer top I have, and If I bought a red collard top it would go so well. Oh I am so sad that I have no money (Hopefully after sunday I will have some money and I can buy it)

Need it desperately. Hurry up sunday, give me mulla.

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