Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tips to future Brides

I just have a few tips to future brides out there. Take it or Leave it, I just wish I did my research first to avoid upsetting a few people (Even though they should not have been upset, gah!) and at the end of the day, our day was phenomenal by all accounts.


1.) Do your research and be organised. I wasn't organised, I kind of winged a lot of it.
I think it would really help if you made a diary or a vision board of what you want your wedding to be.

2.) Remember, it's your day!!! I was far too worried about 'keeping the peace' and upsetting others, when really, I had the right to do whatever the damn hell I wanted. So keep your backbone and listen to your gut. Can't stress that enough.

3.) Bridesmaid dramas - I really wish I had of formally asked my girls with a card to be my bridesmaids, I feel it would have been more elegant and also more official for them. I would have asked them formally and I would have outlined the costs involved - giving them the option to say no if they couldn't afford it / or felt too pressured. Some bridesmaids (and I certainly didn't know how much it was going to cost, never been a bride or a bridesmaid before) aren't aware of the costs involved and can get quite shocked at what you ask of them.

4.) Your Dress - Try on lots of different dresses, and don't rule out a particular style without trying it on. Some dresses look terrible on the rack but then on you in person could look amazing.

5.) Bridesmaid Dresses - Most girls don't have model friends that look stunning in everything. Consider Body type for when choosing your bridesmaid dresses, my girls looked stunning but it was stressful because I'd set a stupid expectation. Keep it simple - Maxi dresses suit most bodytypes - you can get so many different styles and fabrics and they are beautiful, you can also get them tailored for different heights.

6.) Choosing people to participate - Again choose people in your wedding carefully. Don't go for people who will make it stressful for you. If you want to include a lot of people in the bridal party but it isn't practical then ask to have them included in different ways, ask someone to do a reading, another person could be the witness of your signature and maybe a talented friend could sing for you during the ceremony.

7.) Budget - Try and save for the big day and ensure that you don't do anything you can't afford.

8.) Listen to your gut - Again, honestly your gut knows best! I cancelled our first bali planned wedding due to gut, I cancelled our 2nd planned down south wedding due to the state of it and again my gut instinct, and for our final choice and the most perfect one, I even arranged a second food tasting and changed the food, due to gut. Your instincts know you!

9.) Google what Brides are 'supposed' to do by tradition or whatever if it's going to upset others (But once again it's your day.) I only got my Tallboy a button hole flower thing and then mine and the girls flowers and on my wedding day my Pa got really upset because I didn't get him one. I had no idea that Fathers we supposed to get button holes. I thought it was stupid but you never know who you'll hurt over minor details. Find out where your family stands on traditions - not that you should really worry about upsetting others because it's your day, but whatevs.

10.) Remember, it will actually go perfect. No matter what minor details happen, it will be magical, it will be special and it will go too quickly. So enjoy it and love it. Dance, drink and be married.

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