Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Funday

Ugh, oh so seedy! What a weekend.

Yesterday I went to a closing down sale with Memma, it had some really nice dresses but I am currently struggling with savings and bills so I bought two from the money I got from selling things on Ebay but that's all that I could permit myself to get. They're really pretty. One is casual and one is for going out, i'm so in love with it. They were only $30 each.

Then I went home and cleaned up and did some general house work. The house looks so nice again, love love love it when it's cleannnnn :) so nice. Then I went and picked up Memma and we went to my workmum and workdads for a bbq. It started at 1pm and Memma and I got a little bit ahead of ourselves with the drinks, next thing we know it was close to about 7pm.

I had planned for Memma and I to go to Twinners hubbys' bday party, we were supposed to be picked up by Tallboy but when I called him he'd changed his plans and was out with his brother. So we kept trying to figure out other ways to get to our next destination, no one else at the bbq was fit to drive, we called a taxi at 9ish and then it still hadn't arrived by 10, what a mission. Somewhere in between there shots were had and crazy dancing had started, next thing we know Ball of Loves Hubby drove us (naughty) to my house so I could look after Memma, then we fell asleep on the coach and Tallyboy came home at 11.30 and woke us up to take Memma home.

The bbq was really really fun, but I really wanted to go to Twinners, so that was a bit of a shame. Hopefully I can catch up with her and Partner really soon.

Today I am struggling pretty badly. I went to Memma's this morning to make sure she was alive and hadn't drowned in a bath - She was alive. YAY!!! Then I fell asleep on her couch.

I just got home and am so tired. I have to re-submit tafe work, but I'd rather binge eat and nap. I haven't been good with food today. I'll try to eat a bit better - not like I have any bad food in the house anyway.

gotta gett back into working out hard tomorrow night.

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