Friday, 25 May 2012

Good try

So I made it 16 / 17 days without carbs (bread, pasta, rice etc) and with limited processed sugars (with exception to the maccas ice cream cone and 3 pieces of chocolates) I was only 4 days off the '21 Days makes a habit' rule! So hopefully I can still make this a lifestyle change.

Tonight, after a brain melting day at work, I went to Subiaco with Tallboy, Brother from another Mother and Cherub. We went to Jus Burgers for dinner. It was SO delicious, after I ordered I actually saw that they had 'no bun' options, oops. I went in saying that I wasn't going to have any carbs, but then when I got there I really wanted a little bit, I ended up getting a kids burger with a side salad (burger the size of my palm) and also some slaw. It was amazing. I only ate half the bun and had about 4 tablespoons of the slaw (which was definitely extremely fattening - but amazing) and I had 3 chips. Honestly, I do feel bad about it, but I'm also staying positive because I feel like I can actually have a little bit of the bad things and then stop. I used to keep going, but I'm teaching myself to control what I actually need compared to every edible thing that I want.

After the amazing dinner we went to watch Dave Strassman. He was excellent, my favourite part was when he actually messed up and laughed a few times, I like the unrehearsed things. It was all pretty entertaining though. Got to love Ted. E. Bare. <3

It was really nice to do something different on a Friday night.

I have a busy weekend, bbq tomorrow, party tomorrow night, resubmit tafe on sunday, sleep, make dinners and then on Monday I have to get up super early to go into one of our Depots to sit in on an interview which I'm actually looking forward to, just not getting up super early to beat traffic and get there in time. Boo Traffic, Boo.

yay weekend!

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