Sunday, 13 May 2012


That was a let down! Today Twinner and I went to the 'You Look Good' Market event to sell all of our new and pre-loved clothing.

There were about 30 stalls full of gorgeous clothing and designer labels everyone was eager to sell up big… unfortunately our target market didn't turn up.
We had a lot of older people attend and a lot of the general public that weren't particularly interested in fashion items or the labels we had.

It was a good experience but it was disappointing. After 4 Hours Twinner only made a profit of $4 (and her clothes are gorgeous and were extremely reasonably priced) I made a profit of about $80 but that's mainly due to selling half of the birdcages I used for our wedding centrepieces. We headed home early a little disheartened but I decided that the amount of 'Clothes Hoarding' that I had allowed myself to do was despicable. I made myself photograph every item and log it on eBay in a quickfire 3 day auction. I want all of it gone so I can start fresh. I will end up losing money but I need to teach myself a lesson.

I have set myself new fashion rules for when I do eventually re-stock my wardrobe. I now only have about 3 tops, 6 dresses and some basic items. Good enough.


  • I need to try on EVERYTHING if I want a new item. I am no longer allowed to buy 'off the rack' classic mistake that I would always make.
  • I have to envision the item that I choose in at least 3 other outfits so I can ensure that it is a practical purchase.
  • I need to focus a bit more on accessories to ensure that I can jazz up old outfits.
  • I will return items if I try them on again at home and do not love them. I will return them for Cash not other items. 
  • I will limit internet shopping or read the terms of purchase thoroughly so If I do purchase the item, I can return it. 
I'll update in a few days to state how many items of the 45 on Ebay sold, and what sort of money was made. 

fingers crossed. 

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