Friday, 14 June 2013

Sunday, 21 April 2013


So I don't keep resolutions.

Here's a few facts about me:

I love, love. I love hearing stories of how people met, how people got engaged, if people have a 'one that got away' and what happened. I'm interested in other peoples lives but I usually don't pry, so when people do get onto these topics I get so excited.

I need to read more, I know this. I find it so hard to get stuck into a book because I don't seem to fall for the story line quickly enough. I just finished reading a book, it took me 2 days to read and it wasn't that interesting, but I felt that it was therapeutic and what I needed, it made me cry and maybe even question things. I'm going to read more, that's for sure. I need a new connection and I feel that getting lost in a book is a good way to just relax.

I am terrible at looking after myself 'mainenance' wise. I always intend to but I just don't allow myself to, I get lazy. I have nail polish that is never perfect, splotchy fake tan and split ends. I do want to work on this but I just focus on other things, but they aren't important things so I should work on it.

Food consumes my mind way too much, I honestly feel like I have a disorder without the illness, I think about food way too much and I am overweight from bad habits but in all honesty, I pretty much think about food all the time and it's a terrible habit or issue or whatever.

My comfort TV show is Friends (I love Scrubs soo soo soo much) but at the end of day Friends is what  I can watch over and over and over. I am so incredibly in love with Ross and Rachel and their story. I could watch it all day every day. I just love the characters so much.

Just be true to who you are.

Who are we really? I've questioned who I am lately. Not from my actions or anything drastic, not from anyone saying anything to me, I just kind of slapped myself in the face with the question.

Am I the same person from before my Mum died? Or did the heartbreak change me completely? It's gotten to a point where I can't remember how I used to be before it happened. It's 7 years. I was a normal teenager with a normal life, and I was growing up normally and then it happened.

I'm friends with very few people who knew me and my mother before she passed away and I confide in very few about the topic. My dearest doesn't believe I've changed she still refers to me as an amazing strong person.

Maybe I question myself because i'm getting older and perhaps wanderlust, perhaps I just wish I could drop everything and just run away. I'm much too 'sensible' for that. I couldn't just get Tallboy and myself to drop everything in our lives and take out a massive loan and just up and leave for a while. Sometimes though the fantasy and feeling like a teenager again consumes me. Do we ever feel as old as what we actually are though? I'm only 25, but, I don't know.

I guess I've just had a rough week with Tallboy not being here and missing my dearest friend. It's been a rough week and I feel as though i've sunk back into my funk of not knowing what to do, sometimes I hate that I am 'sensible' and that I do just do the 'norm' go to work, come home, routine, go to sleep, go to work, come home. I just really miss Tallboy, he's only gone a week but it shows how utterly crazy about him I am. I just want to spend more time with him, and I wish my dearest friend and I could be together and not live in different states.

It's okay not to be okay.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Getting fit is hard.

Getting fit is hard.
Fat pleaseeeeeeeeee melt off me soon.
The End.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Here's an idea.

Here's an idea, don't be a C-you-N-T.

I don't ever sensor my blog or pretend to be someone I'm not, but just incase the person this is about reads this, I can't write what I really want, for fear that they'll probably neck themselves.

I am so angry right now. Like seriously.

YOU are master of your own destiny, no one else walks in your shoes, and your fucking shoes took you to where you are today. YOU did this to yourself. NO-ONE ELSE.


If I could cry and shout and scream and fucking go hulk right now I would.

Seriously, FUCK YOU.

I can't help you, don't you get that? I can't live your life for you, you need to get in control of it and stop dwelling on factors that you can't change. I just wish that you would go and get the help that you need and would start being a role model.

Please call someone and get help.
13 11 14

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

House & Albert

So today to add to the house makeover I got some wedding photo's blown up and framed for a nook wall in our house! :) So excited. Tallboy is going to put them up tomorrow. Apart from that I really didn't do anything today as I am still pretty sick with a cold.

In some lameciting (So lame that it's exciting) news we got our Thermomix today!! :) I have named him Albert, so far we have made mash potatoes, smoothies and crepe batter in it. Ah-Mazing! Like really, so good. The mash was a little gluggy but pretty good for a first try, Then the smoothies were delicious and tasted like Boost Juice ones, and the crepes were so silky smooth. Gah so delicious.

Tomorrow I got to Ikea with Harry Potter for the first time everrrrrrrr. OMG i'm so excited!!!!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

House Make Over

So I've been online 'window' shopping looking at all the items I dream of one day owning.
For months I have been wanting some shower curtains and wall art from urban outfitters, my gorgeous Tallboy just told me to finally commit and buy the items and when I finally get the checkout, Of course, they don't ship the items to Australia.


So that really sucks. So now i'm just continuing to try and find Australian Online Homeware stores with prints etc, i'm drowning my sorrows with ice cream, i'm going to paint my nails and Pitch Perfect is on.

Anyway, here are some other items that I really would like to own one day.

I am in love with this clock but it's sold out.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


I am loving holidays. They have been amazing. The first week off is almost over and i've done so much, gone out in the city, gone out local, had lunch dates, spent two and half days painting and finishing the whole paint job on the house, and tomorrow I will get the house cleaned up and sorted (work on that decluttering.) I'm also going to pop down to the shops to get a few decor pieces. Yay.
Here are some before and after pictures, not very good ones purely because I was way too exhausted today to take any proper ones.

Kitchen and living area before (featuring my ugly old wall collage (let's call it the trial run) ) :

Kitchen and Living area after:

I'm really pleased with the colours and I know what decor I'm going to get so i'm so excited. Next thing for us to get changed are the floors (from vinyl to floorboards) and then we will work on the back yard. Yay. 

It's almost that time again - Resolutions

So last year I made a few resolutions, they were -

1. Lose Weight - I get a C for effort.
I did manage to lose a shit load of weight, I did not manage to keep it off :(!!!
I am now back to where I started so I'm pretty upset about that, but I'm still aiming to lose weight again and find the lifestyle that allows me to keep it off.

2. Break my obsession with breakfast coke - A++++, I passed that one very well.

3. Donate more blood - F.
I haven't had an opportunity to do it at all.

4. Housey, Housey, Housey - B-.
We finally just finished painting the house (after being here for 8 months.)
Finally it is starting to shape up the way we wanted.
It isn't minimalist as of yet, but i'm trying to de-clutter it.
I'm pretty happy with how it is going :)

5. Be happy. I'm working on it. I'm happy in my life, i'm working on my weight, and I'm going to try and change jobs.



1. Lose weight and keep it off, this will always be something that I try to accomplish.
2. Housey - Get started on the minimialisticness that I want for the house, declutter and get the edgy cute things that i've always wanted. Start on the wall collage, get the new cushions for the spare rooms etc.
3. Stay Happy - Try and be positive in what aspects you can be.
4. Maintenance - I want to try and ensure that I do keep up appearances, get the hair and nails done or keep them tidy etc. It will just make me feel better etc.