Saturday, 5 January 2013

Here's an idea.

Here's an idea, don't be a C-you-N-T.

I don't ever sensor my blog or pretend to be someone I'm not, but just incase the person this is about reads this, I can't write what I really want, for fear that they'll probably neck themselves.

I am so angry right now. Like seriously.

YOU are master of your own destiny, no one else walks in your shoes, and your fucking shoes took you to where you are today. YOU did this to yourself. NO-ONE ELSE.


If I could cry and shout and scream and fucking go hulk right now I would.

Seriously, FUCK YOU.

I can't help you, don't you get that? I can't live your life for you, you need to get in control of it and stop dwelling on factors that you can't change. I just wish that you would go and get the help that you need and would start being a role model.

Please call someone and get help.
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  1. I love you... Seriously... I fucking love you :) so funny