Wednesday, 2 January 2013

House & Albert

So today to add to the house makeover I got some wedding photo's blown up and framed for a nook wall in our house! :) So excited. Tallboy is going to put them up tomorrow. Apart from that I really didn't do anything today as I am still pretty sick with a cold.

In some lameciting (So lame that it's exciting) news we got our Thermomix today!! :) I have named him Albert, so far we have made mash potatoes, smoothies and crepe batter in it. Ah-Mazing! Like really, so good. The mash was a little gluggy but pretty good for a first try, Then the smoothies were delicious and tasted like Boost Juice ones, and the crepes were so silky smooth. Gah so delicious.

Tomorrow I got to Ikea with Harry Potter for the first time everrrrrrrr. OMG i'm so excited!!!!

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