Saturday, 29 December 2012


I am loving holidays. They have been amazing. The first week off is almost over and i've done so much, gone out in the city, gone out local, had lunch dates, spent two and half days painting and finishing the whole paint job on the house, and tomorrow I will get the house cleaned up and sorted (work on that decluttering.) I'm also going to pop down to the shops to get a few decor pieces. Yay.
Here are some before and after pictures, not very good ones purely because I was way too exhausted today to take any proper ones.

Kitchen and living area before (featuring my ugly old wall collage (let's call it the trial run) ) :

Kitchen and Living area after:

I'm really pleased with the colours and I know what decor I'm going to get so i'm so excited. Next thing for us to get changed are the floors (from vinyl to floorboards) and then we will work on the back yard. Yay. 

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