Saturday, 29 December 2012

It's almost that time again - Resolutions

So last year I made a few resolutions, they were -

1. Lose Weight - I get a C for effort.
I did manage to lose a shit load of weight, I did not manage to keep it off :(!!!
I am now back to where I started so I'm pretty upset about that, but I'm still aiming to lose weight again and find the lifestyle that allows me to keep it off.

2. Break my obsession with breakfast coke - A++++, I passed that one very well.

3. Donate more blood - F.
I haven't had an opportunity to do it at all.

4. Housey, Housey, Housey - B-.
We finally just finished painting the house (after being here for 8 months.)
Finally it is starting to shape up the way we wanted.
It isn't minimalist as of yet, but i'm trying to de-clutter it.
I'm pretty happy with how it is going :)

5. Be happy. I'm working on it. I'm happy in my life, i'm working on my weight, and I'm going to try and change jobs.



1. Lose weight and keep it off, this will always be something that I try to accomplish.
2. Housey - Get started on the minimialisticness that I want for the house, declutter and get the edgy cute things that i've always wanted. Start on the wall collage, get the new cushions for the spare rooms etc.
3. Stay Happy - Try and be positive in what aspects you can be.
4. Maintenance - I want to try and ensure that I do keep up appearances, get the hair and nails done or keep them tidy etc. It will just make me feel better etc.

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