Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nice Lazy Weekend

I've had such a nice weekend. Friday night I just chilled out and finished my second unit of TAFE. It was good to finish it. Hopefully I pass without too many dramas.

Yesterday I went shopping with Meema, I bought some very cheap basic tops for winter and just going out somewhere very casual and I also bought a dress that would be good for a family dinner / party or a work thing. I still ensure that I try everything on before buying it and it has to be something that i'll pair up to wear with other items or accessories. I sold a lot of items on ebay but I have to give half of it to bills which sucks. Hopefully I can try and build up a tiny bit of savings. I'm so poor.

Then after that I made some healthy lunches for the week. Then I went to Ball of loves house and had some wine and watched a movie and hung out with our other friend, it was a nice way to spend the night.

This morning I caught up with Lovechild for breakfast, it was so much fun. It was good to catch up with her before her next swing at work and it's good to see her coming back from a holiday so happy and refreshed.

I'm just having a chilled day at the moment.

I'm fighting the urge for a new tattoo so badly. Maybe after I lose a few more kg I can finally get the one I want. Hurry up weightloss.

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