Monday, 7 May 2012


It's true. When girls say that their wedding day was the best and most perfect day of their lives, they are telling the truth. Our wedding day was absolutely fabulous! 


I can not even begin to put into words how magical the day itself was. 
I was completely calm until about 20 minutes before going down the aisle then needed a quick glass of champagne. My bridesmaids walked perfectly down the aisle and when I reached the aisle to walk to Tallboy and saw him there I just wanted to run into his arms. I instantly knew that there was no where else that I was meant to be, ever. It is a feeling and memory that I will have forever. The look on his face was gorgeous and his subtle nerves were so heartfelt. It was purely magical. 

Our Balloon Release was so special, to be able to share a moment so personal and deep.
I felt so good about being able to put some sentiment and memory of my mother into our ceremony. 

When it came to exchange vows it was so lovely to hear them come from Tallboy, vows we had agreed on and written ourselves, vows we will stand by. The exchanging of the rings went smoothly and now I smile whenever I look over and see that Tallboy now has a ring of his own to wear. 

We practiced our 'wedding kiss' a few times before the big day and I think our cute little innocent one was caught beautifully. Tasteful for family and friends who attended and not too timid for a special moment. 

We had our photo shoot at an old farm and also an old run down carnival, the carnival was actually shut but we went onto the grounds anyway and our amazing photographer (Jimmy Teo - kept shooting away, we climbed onto the available rides that we could and then used whatever other carnival themed backgrounds were free in the weather.

 It was so much fun and kind of a cheap thrill. It was definitely another high light of the day. I honestly loved that it rained, the rain held off for our ceremony and my favourite skies are overcast ones. It was really lovely. Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck too.

The reception was a blur of wonderful company, beautiful speeches, delicious food and lots of dancing. My brothers speech and Tallboys speech were gorgeous and made me cry. Our MC, my new B.I.L (Brother in Law) was fantastic and highlarious. My dads (Pa and F.I.L Father in Law) speeches were very heartfelt. My bridesmaids and groomsmen were fantastic to Tallboy and I. 

We hired a photobooth and also set up a lolly buffet for our guests which they all seemed to love. Our DJ played awesome music and looped and mixed all the songs so well. Everyone got a long and there was no drama, no tantrums and no worries. It was honestly the best and most enjoyable day and night of my life and I will never forget it. I will never forget the way Tallboy looked at me walking down the aisle and I will never forget how genuine his speech was. I love that one with all of my heart and I am his forever. 


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