Thursday, 10 May 2012

Back to reality

I'm still on such a high from the wedding, such a blissful feeling.
I can't wait to get the professional photos and I'm also working on getting different footage from guests so I can create a music video from the day. :) In my head it works out well.

So now that the wedding has been and gone my blog is still going to be something that I use often. I'm going to do a blog soon about my wedding advise for future brides and then It will just be an account of my life, events I've attended, outfits I want, rants about things that really don't matter and maybe even a food blog here or there - I'm cutting carbs and sugars and i'm already struggling quite badly.

Monday I'm back to work and back to relatiy (I'm trying hard to work on TAFE stuff today so I'm already out of the lazing around mode :( )
I have been sick since Tuesday (Returned from our Honeymoon on Monday) and yesterday spent all day sick, today woke up fairly late and just worked a little on TAFE - it's so HARD! :( and hard to find motivation to get back into it. I want to finish this unit and I only have about 16% left to do but it's actually quite challenging. Hopefully after this unit I will sign up for 4 more units, knock those ones out, do 4 more and then ease into the last 2. I hope to finish the full course by next february.

So thats me for now. Boring blog but I'm all congested and sick and am ready to give up on my tafe work for the day. Ugh should not procrastinate - should complete it. But ugh. cbf.

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