Thursday, 10 May 2012

Things about me

I thought it'd be fun and a really good way to procrastinate from working on TAFE stuff to tell you all a little bit about me. So sit back and have a read, yay for youuuu!


My guilty pleasure is watching cooking shows. I just love them so much. Not all of them though, I'm a bit of a cooking show snob and I will switch channels if the chef is annoying or overly jolly - (Huey, you are only barely bearable) 
My favourite cooking shows are actually not the cheffy kind, they are - Come Dine with me (A show where 4 -5 people host dinner parties over the week and then rate the food to win a grand prize. I love this show. It's terrible but it gives you good meal Ideas.) 
I also love Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. I like Jamie's Kitchen, he's easy to follow and he gets so excited over the food and I like 4 Ingredients purely for the simple factor. 
I hate Ready Steady Cook but it's also a comfort as without a doubt when I have a sick day and am sleeping off a flu I always manage to wake up just in time for it, so that is my love hate relationship.

I'm not a very good cook, I ALWAYS cook and I think of new ideas and I'm inventive, but then when I make the dish it never turns out how I thought it would. I'm lucky that Tallboy is a happy giant and he will always eat whatever I make. He's good like that. I'm actually very fussy that's why I cook. I can't complain that Tallboy never cooks because when he tries I just give him this look and he's like 'What? You don't like it? - Classic example one time he went out to buy groceries and he got steak, when he came home I said 'You didn't get T-Bone did you?' (He had) and he asked what was wrong with it, and I was genuinely upset because I didn't want T-Bone, I wanted Scotch Fillet. Classic Example of fussy. Terrible. 

I love my Father In Laws 'dad jokes' they're terrible. They are so lame but I love them.

I love manicured nails, fresh polish with the perfect shiny glaze… I painted my nails tonight and rushed it. They're feral right now & I don't have nail polish remover. The fact that I have to wait until tomorrow to fix them is making me cringe. :(

I live pay cheque to pay cheque, it's not that i'm a bad saver, it's not that I'm an over excessive shopper. It's just that I have so many bills and now a mortgage that I just can't really scrimp up enough money to save. - Hopefully though, once we pay off the wedding debt that we still have I will be able to put a little bit away each week and be able to shop again.

I online shop all the time - I just never purchase what I put in my cart. :( It's purely because I can't afford it AND i've only just started really looking into how to dress myself properly - I know an almost 25 year old, not able to dress themselves? Well I can dress myself but it's rarely flattering, I've recently taken the time to look at my body shape and shop to compliment it in the right areas and hide the area's i'm fixing. I also now have a rule that I'm not allowed to purchase clothing without trying it on. I used to always do this and i'd get home and hate it and never return it. Window shopping online helps me figure out what would work and by not buying it, it still makes me feel like i've gone shopping so it takes the 'edge' off. This Sunday I am hosting a stall though to try and sell some dresses that I have in my wardrobe, I'm really hoping to bring in some cash so I can build my savings back up. 

I wish I'd done hairdressing. I know that majority of hair dressers don't earn mountains of money, but I wish I'd done a course after highschool and done hairdressing and matched it with a make up course. I'm still thinking of going to a few make up artist lessons (once the bills are paid) but I really think that I could have been creative in that. 

I go through phases of being a couch potato and being a club rat. I loveeee relaxing but sometimes I want to (And do) go out clubbing every weekend. Sometimes I think I could settle down and have a baby with Tallboy and sometimes I just can't stand the thought of being in on a Friday / Saturday night. 

I procrastinate… Like I'm doing right now. I've done a fair bit of TAFE today, but to answer a few more questions I have to read the material all over again. I don't wannaaaa…… 

I am not loving doing the no carb and no sugar thing due to my High Insulin Levels. It's quite challenging. I did fine for 4 days before the wedding but then on Honeymoon just did what I want, now i'm back and trying to bring the levels down so I can lose weight it's hard to get a grip on it. Hopefully I can stay strong and just keep trying. My fitness pal (iphone app) is a really good help and so is searching 'Fitspo' on instagram - they give you good motivational tips. Keep trying!

I'm going to do some online shopping now and then I'll post a blog about what I shopped for and didn't buy. wooo. 

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