Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cravings are a bitch

Cravings are an absolute bitch! Day 12 of no sugar or carbs and I am craving everything sweet under the sun. Right now I would kill for a chocolate sunday and some new cadbury chocolate. It's really getting to me, food should not control your thoughts as much as it consumes mine, it's as if i'm an anorexic without actually being able to stop myself from eating. I'm forever thinking about food, I love cooking shows, it's shocking.

I NEED THIS IN AND AROUND MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goddddddddd.
Popping chocolate and candy / jellybean chocolate. Ugh need, need, need, need, NEEEEEEEEDDDDDD.

This would also be really super right now

In other news of cravings, i'm craving a tattoo soo bad. 

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