Saturday, 2 June 2012

I wear socks to bed

So apart from my night time habits i've had a productive two days I guess.

Went to work yesterday and it was hectticcc so much to do, it's good but very brain melting, by brain melting I mean you could for example go to the service station buy a drink worth $4.95, you could look in your hand and see 2x $2 dollar coins and 2x $1 dollar coins and then you could stare at them blankly, then look at the attendant and then stare at them blankly and hand them over to the attendant, only for her to give you a dollar out of your coins back… for example… totes hypothetic….yep… melted mushy brain…

Anyway I went home and got ready to go out with Ball of love, Shirbotski's Sister an Memma. We had pre-drinks at mine and then went to the Kite where I noticed I was very 6% due to my spray tan, had a few drinks and then got a taxi to the local club, it was a really good night. Memma and I keep dancing around stupid subjects when we're drunk & always get ourselves into trouble. Then we all got a lift home with Ball of Loves husband.

Memma and I woke up and were alright then went to her house for a bit. I definitely had the hangover 'lag' where I woke up ok but the rest of the day was sluggish as hell and everything was too much of a task. I did a lot around the house and I napped, hung out with my puppies, then Tallboy came home and we went out on a date, we saw 'what to expect when you're expecting' I guess you have to have been preggo to really enjoy it, it had some funny moments but not enough to make it bearable for me.

Apart from that the last two days have been a 'clean eating' fail. Biggest fail ever and I actually think the headache i've had all day is from re-introducing all the fats, sugars, carbs and toxins. ugh.

Honestly 2x Bottles of wine, pints of vodka and redbull, champagne, pulse, kebabs, party pies, quiche, sausage rolls, doritos, hungry jacks, nandos, mcflurries oh what have I done? 

Back to being clean tomorrow. I am going to go back to being quite strict on myself, I think with me it's all or nothing, I have extremely limited selfcontrol when it comes to binge eating, I have no idea why I enjoy it so much, I think I previously didn't loathe my body enough to care, but now I want to treat my body good, I want to feel good, I want the flat stomach and the thin thighs and the noticeable collar bones. 

I'm exhausted so I'm going to go to bed, in my mix matched socks, wrapped in a snug material cocoon of warmth. Yay for warmth and sleeping :) 

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