Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Arms are going to fall off.

Oh dear, my arms are complete lead after tonights workout. SO Sore! But SO worth it.

So out of my list of things to do for the week that I set myself to do I have already completed some. 

Exercise each morning
Don't cry during Personal Training
Finish and resubmit my 2nd Tafe unit for the 3rd and final time
Eat well, drink lots of water and stay positive
Work hard at work
Stick to my budget
Be proactive after work before relaxing
Lose a kilo
Just try and get more out of each day 

Ok So this morning I set my alarm to get up early and work out to my 30 Day Shred DVD… It didn't work, sleep won that battle but I didn't feel terrible because I had Personal training tonight, which I didn't cry at!! Woooo mentality is coming back…. however I have power plate training on Thursday night and I hate that effing machine! I submitted my unit 2 again tonight so hopefully that is done and dusted. 

I ate alright today but that will be a constant task, I had a mini binge - 3 lollies, 4 maltesers and 3 burger rings but I'm like whatevs, Budget will be a bit term adjustment, smiling eh I do it when I'm not concentrating other wise it's just a down turn 'i'm concentrating face' I say tonight I was proactive after work because I went to Personal Training, then came home, made my dinner, fed the dogs and then sat down. Losing more weight will take time but i'm getting there!!! :) :) :) Can't believe i'm smaller than my wedding day - idiot. oh well, that's just me. 

Tomorrow I will try again to get up early and exercise, I'll also be going to Spin with Tallboy. Thursday night my old favourite band is in town and I'm tossing up whether to see them or not, I am such a Nanna now, I get tired at 9pm and go to bed by 10pm usually. Their gig is in Perth and they won't get on stage til about 10. Then I wouldn't be likely to get home until 1am or something and then have work the next day. I used to go to live gigs all the time and still go to work the next day but I just feel like I'd be exhausted. IDKKKKKK. ugggggghhhhh 18 year old me would be disgusted in 24 year old me. :( 

What to do what to doooooooo.

Below are photos of me when I was 18, 19 and 21ish? The last 3 times that I met Silverstein
Photos from Pauly's phone when Mortgage25 and I had no camera with us. 
They were all my heros. All of them. Helped me through so much. I miss them. I miss that girl. I miss those times. Being a teenager was amazing. 

My tiger stripe hair that I loved so much & the tiny waste i'm trying to get back.

My favourite Silverstein hoody that I can not find anywhere. 

The second time I met Silverstein. Spotted them and pointed, they laughed at me. It was amaze! 

Back at the last Soundwave I went to met them again. Ugh love. 

I think I gotta go and see them live again. I can sleep on Friday night right?? eeeeee. I'll keep you posted. 

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