Saturday, 9 June 2012


Yay! My lazy weekend is here!!!

I've already been proactive and been to the gym! :) I'm really happy with myself and I did 10 pushups woo and did the plank for like 50 seconds. I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer and I even did lunges. GO ME!

Anyway now I have such a big urge to get my lip pierced but I'm so broke that I can't do it and I don't know what work would say because I do deal with clients at least once a week face to face, so not sure if I could get away with it or not.

My rest of the plans for today are general boring chores, then I think I'll go to the beach with the dogs (more working out yay!) and then I will see if I can work on my wall collage. Later I'm going to dinner with Tallboy.

I don't feel like hanging out with anyone today. I'm just happily buzzing around, lounging - watching cooking shows and then when I do some house stuff I'll crank some Motion City Soundtrack :)

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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