Monday, 4 June 2012


This long weekend has been soooo good, I so don't want to go to work tomorrow, just a few more days off? Ugh. I've had such a good long weekend.

Yesterday I slept in and caught up with Haveachat, we went to a Tapas bar and shared a platter for two and drank Sangria, then went for a beach walk and just had a really good time. It was so good to see her again, she even gave me a usb with some wedding videos from her boyfriends iphone (so today I've been playing around with that trying to make a nice little wedding montage) after that I went home and chilled out for a bit and then I went out to dinner with Twinner, Lovechild and Partner, it was really really nice. We just caught up and had a really good time, then Partner went to work and Lovechild and I went to Twinners just to chill out and chat. I had so much fun.

Today I went to work with Tallboy to help him out with some stuff, then we went to lunch and shared a meal, then I came home and bummed around, I didn't resubmit tafe which I'm a bit disappointed in, but I will do it tomorrow night. Then Tallboys family came over for dinner.

Right now I should be sleeping but I can't sleep, I just had such a good weekend that I'm really sad that it's over. I've set my alarm super early so I can get up and do a workout DVD so hopefully I do get up, after the amount of food and alcohol i've had this weekend I really need to do it.

Next weekend I currently have no plans so I'm really happy, I want to finally do my feature wall of framed photos. Even though at present I don't have many photos I really want to make a start on it. I want it to be neat but unique, I want to put a round clock on the same wall but mesh it in with the different black square frames that I have. Eeee so excited. I want to just spend a weekend on the house, making it a bit more homey. EEEeeee I'm excited because it will be a short week and Saturday will be here in no time again :)

I also have some goals for this week:
Exercise each morning
Don't cry during Personal Training
Finish and resubmit my 2nd Tafe unit for the 3rd and final time
Eat well, drink lots of water and stay positive
Work hard at work
Stick to my budget
Be proactive after work before relaxing
Lose a kilo
Just try and get more out of each day :)

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