Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We found love in a hopeless place

Oh my god. I effing LOVE the music video for Rhianna and Calvin Harris' song 'We Found Love' I love every thing about it. The heartbreak in the entrance of the song, the look on Rhianna's face in the opening scenes, the dance track silouetting the lyrics.

It's just addictive.
I can't describe it.
It's as if the lyrics and the beat pulsate through your veins.

This is a song that could get me completely pumped up for a day / for the gym / for clubbing. I could watch it over and over (and I am) Of course you know it's about her relationship with Chris Brown and the look alike actor wasn't even needed to know that.

It makes you feel helpless but hopeful. It definitely reminds you of those relationships where you know the person was so wrong for you, so many girls have previous people in their lives that can just take your heart and treat you so badly, but you continuously go back for more, no matter what they put you through - I call this the Ross and Rachel relationship (even though they ended up together and Ross totes never beat Rachel - but you get it. Ross and Rachel went through a lot you guys, a lot.).

You have to go through all of the wrong ones to get to the right one.

Rhianna looks amazing in the video, the fashion, the scenery, the music and the cinematography and editing is just (queue rachel zoe) to die.

Replay. replay. replay. amazing. bliss. wrenching. numbing. pulsating. replay. replay. replay.

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