Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Ok, so I know my blog can be a big ramble sometimes and a massive tangent of complaints and stories that only make sense to those closest to me BUT at least I just put out what I'm thinking.

Some blogs honestly sound as if the blogger has sat in front of their computer for hours, analysing what they are going to write, it's as if they're trying to sound like the love child of Stephen Hawkins, Steve Jobs AND Steve Jesus (Steve Jesus isn't really but there were already two steve's so why not make it a trifecta, you dig?) …. some that I have read seem more like a medical paper with the way that they 'diagnose' each paragraph. It's all too much. Relax blogger, relax. Seriously, be yourself… and if the way you write really is yourself, then I'm glad I don't know you, you need to get laid or go skydiving or get drunk before you write.

*insert timeframe for me to re-read this…*

I just read my Steve joke and I remembered the line from Bridesmaids

'What kind of name is Stove anyway? What are you? A kitchen appliance?
- 'No my name is Steve and I am a man.'
'YOU, are a flight attendant.'

hahahaha. Classic.

Anyway point of the mini rant / highlarious little quote session, keep it real, you fakesmartyrealdummy. etc.

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  1. Completely agree. Why analyze your life or the things that you do want to do or say?? It is like if you wonder if people think your cool, your not. If you have to think about constructing a sentence before you talk to your best friend, then they are not your best friend. Got it? Good.

    Great call love :)