Monday, 25 June 2012

Oh Hai!

Oh Hai guys, what have we learned lately? I've learnt that I need to make some mid year resolutions.

Mid Year Resolution #1
Don't get drunk with work friends, apart from your really close gf ones. You will not come out good from this. 
Mid Year Resolution #2
Stop lecturing people - you are notttttt a councillor, their mother, an inspirational person, did they even ask your opinion? No. 
Mid Year Resolution #3 
Stop complaining about everything - seriously, I complain WAY too much. 
Mid Year Resolution #4
Get Skinny, ffs just keep working on it and keep WORKING OUT. Man the amount of times I stop and start is ridic. 

Anyway I guess my resolutions so far are reflective of my wastey pants weekend.

Friday night I went to the local with Lovechild and had a drink, we ended up going to Mortgage25's house and then watched some bad tv. 

On saturday night I went to Fremantle with Lovechild, Mortgage25 and Devy, we had been drinking for quite a while and were at one of the pubs on the pub crawl, we ended up going to a newer bar to meet up with a work friend so I could get my wingman on for lovechild. (*side note, you should all know that going out on Saturdays is evil and everyone is mean to you) 

Anyway we went there and it was dead and my friend wasn't there yet, so Devy got picked up by her husband and we walked mortgage25 back to our accommodation so we could put on flat shoes, M25 went to bed and Lovechild and I went back out. 

We met up with my mate and then my wingman skills failed, totes because Saturday nights are evil, next thing I know it's close to 3am and Lovechild had left, I couldn't find my work friend and I have no idea of how long I'd been chilling by myself in the bar (stupid shots) SO I walked back to the accommodation and was locked out with 1% battery on my phone, so of course I cried and then luckily Lovechild had woken up and let me in. I fell asleep with my contacts in. 

Terrible messy night. At work today I was still feeling completely drunk, I have no idea how but I was completely messed up. It was a terrible day. I really hope that tomorrow I can power through so much work.

I also still managed to get to the gym today, I only burnt off about 360 calories, I felt really bad about that but i'm so sick of not being one of the pretty skinny girls when i'm out that i'm getting back on track with working out. I will have a summer body for the first time in years, I'm going to do it. 

I will start taking more photos etc so this blog isn't continuously boring. yay. 

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