Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday night blues

Ugh, not so much blues as if i'm sad, just typical me being exhausted. Working long hours, eating calorie controlled foods and exercising vigoriously kind of wear me out.

Maybe I should have listened to my old boss when he told me I was crazy for wanting to join the H.R team. I'm loving the challenge, but my brain is just mush after work, all I want to do is change into p.j's, crawl into bed and drink wine… not particularly in that order… ok, exactly in that order… mmm nom wine. Kidding guys.

Anyway the weeks are going really fast which is great but also whirlwind crazy. I wish the weekends could go slower.

My last weekend was full on, Thursday night I went and saw Mortgage25 after almost a year of our breakup, we drank marvellous wine and worked on our divorce, Lovechild was most impressed.

On Friday I went out to the pub with BallOfLove and another friend, we too drank wine, then we decided to go to Silks (local nightclub) it was so much fun, I was out without a faketan for the first time in months and I didn't care, we danced and ran amuk and drank the delicious ice water, then we shared a kebab and went home.

On Saturday I spent majority of the day dying, then slept and then Tallboy and B.I.L and I went to a burger place for dinner and went and saw the latest Adam Sandler movie.

On sunday it was M.I.L's birthday so we went to breakfast and then also had an afternoon with the full family, my Pa came down and spent the night too.

It was a very full on weekend, but it was great fun.

Yesterday after work I did RPM with Tallboy and then crashed really early and tonight I went to dinner with Tallboys family for B.I.L's birthday and we went bowling… I lost, terribly…bowling isn't my forte'

I really do need to start taking more photos.

Anyway I'm so crashing and going to bed. Loveeeeeeeeee being a nanna.

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