Thursday, 7 June 2012

Body image

Body Image Sucks.

I'm in so much pain from the workouts i've done this week, personal training on tuesday, rpm wednesday and more p.t tonight. I have bruises, my legs are caining, my tailbone and spine feel bruised, my lower abs are so sore, my turkeys and my arms are about to fall off. I know it will be worth it.

I have lost 8kg since the start of the year but I still feel disgusting. I'm just having a few 'fat' days but it's so annoying. I really hope that when I reach my goal weight 8-9 more kgs that I'll be happy and satisfied. I am not intending on stopping this life style change. I'm just worried that if I do reach my goal weight it won't be the same as what I used to look like. ugh. being a girl can be crap.

I'm exhausted, I had 3 hours sleep last night and I'm currently missing seeing my favourite band live. Such a shame that this entry is so boring. I'm going to sleep, I'm actually really excited to have a good sleep, I'll be listening to Silverstein for the next few weeks regretting that I didn't go tonight though.

One day I want to have my stomach and thighs look like this

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