Saturday, 11 June 2011

WOW - Shit just got real.

I honestly hate the bullshit that comes with weddings.

In particular I hate the cost, of course i'm a realistic person and I know you can't expect to feed 10, 100, 1000 however many guests for free, you can't expect to use someones land without securing a bond or deposit and you can't be expected to get married looking like you've fallen out of bed (Unless you're into that sort of thing.)

But seriously, you put Wedding into the title of something and vendors and companies just want to break out in song and dance and be all in your face like 'Yessssssss Biatch, we gonna take all your bling so you can get another ring, ring dingggg a lingggg, Mr-World-Wide, bitchez.'

I mean seriously over $5,000 JUST for a ceremony and a celebrant? Are you kidding me?
A bare minimum of $6,600 to feed guests not including drink.
A budget of $10,000 well get ready to un-invite some people and get the hell ready for a pervefest it looks like the Bridal parties going to rock up nude. Streaking all night.

I know you can get the basics for cheap you know, you can get married in a registry office and you can get a basic gown, and you can choose not to have bridesmaids, but where is the in-between.

What do you do if you're a simple girl and all you like is pretty and eloping isn't an option and you do want some nice things?

Here is what you have to do - You have to have a reality check and you have to keep looking for cheaper options, cheaper doesn't mean it isn't better. It just unfortunately means that you can't have it all.

Love shouldn't be so materialistic, but on occasions like 'The Big Day' it's the most materialistic thing of all.

Now end of that little rant. Let's look at pretty things and deal with reality later.

It will all be worth it. We will figure it out. :)

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