Sunday, 19 June 2011

This is why Weddings make me a sad panda...

Oh my lord! The planning....

I will cross out what has been done so far... (We are currenly 6 months into being engaged, still without a set date or venue - so majority of this may not apply)

11 Months

  • Arrange for both families to meet and celebrate if possible
  • Purchase a wedding organiser and some magazines for some inspiration
  • Plan the engagement party for no more than 3 months from your announcement. Set a date, chose a location and decide on a guest list. Create invitations and send to guests.
  • Record cards and gifts received and send personalised thank you notes - Yes, I'm a terrible person, I recorded all the names but have not sent out thank you notes.
  • Decide on a wedding budget
  • Start guest list
  • Determine time frame for your wedding date. Choose a few dates that don't conflict with other events taking into consideration that some guests may need to travel long distances.
  • Choose a colour scheme. Collect ideas and create an inspiration board including colours, themes and styles
  • Shortlist your venues for the ceremony
  • Shortlist your venues for the reception
  • Book ceremony venue and record payment in your budget planner
  • Book venue and record payment in your budget planner

10 Months

  • Begin looking for a dress
  • Begin looking for a celebrant that suits your style, theme and personality  TB's uncle is a Pastor so he will marry us! It will be soooo good.
  • Choose your bridal party and formally ask them to be in your bridal party - Half done... Is not working out as well and as magical as I first thought it would in my head.

9 Months

  • Shortlist photographers - I have the most amazing Photographer in the world PLEASE CHECK HIM OUT -
  • Shortlist videographer I would love a videographer but probably not able to afford it.
  • Shortlist Florist Pish to a Florist. On the day i'm going to a florist shop and buying flowers to make my own bouquet. 
  • Shortlist Band/DJ

8 Months

  • Investigate bridal registries
  • Book Photographer
  • Book Florist
  • Book Videographer

7 Months

  • Research accommodation options for out of town guests
  • Send out "save the date cards"
  • Select dress and pay deposit, recording the payment in your budget planner
  • Shortlist Cake suppliers

6 Months

  • Research invitation or stationary supplier. Decide on a theme that covers all aspects of the stationary. Invitations, RSVP cards, name cards and thank you cards
  • Meet with ceremony musicians and discuss music choices for ceremony

5 Months

  • Book hair and makeup artist and any pre wedding beauty therapies that are needed (waxing, spray tanning, manicures etc)
  • Gather bridesmaids for dress shopping or fittings
  • Gather the Groom and Groomsmen for suit fittings. Record any deposits paid
  • Book accommodation for your wedding night (make sure it’s the honeymoon suite!)
  • Prepare detailed accommodation options for out of town guests catering to as many tastes and budgets as possible
  • Plan and Book your honeymoon. Remembering to check the weather and make sure you book the honeymoon suite!

4 Months

  • Purchase accessories for the day including jewelry, veil, shoes, underwear and handbags
  • Finalise hair and makeup with artist

3 Months

  • Confirm bouquets, button holes and ceremony flowers with florist ensuring your flowers will be either "in season" or available on the day
  • Finalise bridal party accessories including shoes, handbags and jewelery for bridesmaids and ties, Cufflinks and socks for groomsmen
  • Find jeweler to make wedding bands
  • Finalise bridal registry and obtain cards to include with invitations
  • Design and create bomboniere
  • Book wedding cars/transportation

2 Months

  • Finalise guest list
  • Finalise invitation wording, font and style
  • Finalise menu
  • Bride maids to organise hens night (provide a list of names and addresses)
  • Obtain travel visas for international honeymoon. Check passport validity
  • Decide on readings for ceremony and ask readers to be a part of the day (the longer they have to rehearse the better)
  • Schedule dress fittings with dressmaker for the last 3 fittings
  • Supply full guest list to Maid of honour and best man for bridal shower/kitchen tea and rehearsal events
  • Send out invitations

1 Month

  • Confirm travel arrangements have been made for out of town guests
  • Finalise ceremony programs and have them printed
  • Obtain legal requirements and ensure all paperwork is completed before the deadline
  • Purchase guest book
  • Bridal party gifts (don't forget you ushers, readers, close family, flower girls, ring bearers and the celebrant)
  • Write your vows and send to celebrant to review I've already written my vows

4 Weeks

  • Arrange rehearsal with entire bridal party and celebrant
  • Finalise play list for DJ (if you don't want to provide a full play list, supply "genres"
  • Finalise play and "do not play" songs with live music band including : introduction, first dance, cake cutting, father/daughter dance and last dance.
  • Finalise ceremony music selections and send the list to your ceremony musicians.
  • Final accessories including hairpiece and jewelery
  • Collect wedding rings make sure you try them on!
  • Create a wedding day schedule covering off all elements including bridal party and suppliers.
  • Final dress fitting
  • Finalise readings and any other special touches to the day
  • Finalise numbers for the reception
  • Provide reception venue with running sheet on suppliers and when to expect them
  • Create a seating chart and provide details to reception venue including any signage that may be required
  • Confirm pick up details with florist
  • Prepare toasts and speeches
  • Send addresses to transport/car suppliers
  • Confirm times and locations with photographer/videographer
  • Provide photographer with a list of must have pictures (include parents, special guests etc)
  • Shop and pack for your honeymoon (make sure you check the weather!)
  • Put together an emergency kit (aspirin, makeup, hairspray, safety pins, mints, band aids)
  • Deliver place cards, guest book, pens, cake knife, toasting flutes, and all other reception items at the reception venue.
So to sum it up FML. 

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