Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ok, ok lets cheer up

Ok so I'm being a little dramatic again, I don't have to think about that stupid list until the venue and date are set at least. Sooo let's move on.

Things that make me a happy Panda

Things about wedding I like:

  • The union of two people. Two completely different people wanting to start their lives together.
  • How happy the Bride and Groom are on the day the first time that they see each other.
  • Supportive Bridesmaids that actually care.
  • Handsome groomsmen that are genuinely happy for their Mate to be getting 'hitched'
  • Love songs and dancing.
  • Funny speeches.
  • Wedding Gowns.
  • That 'weddingy' feeling and the happiness it brings guests on the night.
Some random, slightly wedding related pictures.

Pride and Prejudice - When I was in year 12 I used to watch this on ABC with my Mum, we just loveddddd Mr Darcy, we were hooked on this Jane Austin classic. It was a really special time, we would just sit and gossip through it and it was so sweet. Having a Wedding without her being here is the hardest thing that I'll have to go through but i'll never forget her and the family i'm marrying into are so supportive and loving.
Oh Mr Darcy you are so dreamy. TB is my Mr Darcy, both this one and in Bridget Jones (But of course) except he's not moody or grumpy or stubborn, he's just dreamy.

Seriously go and see 'Bridesmaids' 

Owww HAHAHAHAH Ok, this is ridiculous BUT I have rough collies so I had to put this picture up.

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