Thursday, 23 June 2011

Update dayyyyy

So I feel like I haven't done a proper blog in a while. You know, one that's about how our wedding plans are going and new thoughts etc? Well hold onto you're seatsssss this is going to be one hell of a blog!...
I'm totes lying. This is just going to be a random semi related to wedding topic blog type, blog.

- Side note, I just heard that Obama is going to take the troops out of America starting now and hoping to end by 2014. FAR OUT. That's great news. Yay for the troops going home, now do the same for the Aussies. Woot Woo. -

Anyway first about my week at work - it has been amazingly insane, I've been so, so, SO busy (which I love) & it's just been so good, i've been really happy there this week. I'm hoping that this will be a positive turn and will continue on like this.

Second, how hard is it for people to spell 'You're' correctly?
Quick lesson kids:
Your - of or relating to oneself
You're - Contraction of You Are.

Next topic, Love who you want to love, how you want to love for as long as you can love. Nobody needs a piece of paper to prove that they are a family or that they love each other. But everyone DESERVES the choice to get that piece of paper if they want it.
I'm sick of all the 'Gay Marriage' topics out there in the paper - I'm sick of it because I believe that gays and lesbians deserve everything that heterosexual couples have. The only problem with 'Gay Marriage' is the marriage part, it's not like people go to 'gay work' or have 'gay dinner' and walk their 'Gay pets.' A recent poll on the 7pm project showed that 73% of Aussies are all for the happy love.
I'm all for the love, each to their own opinion.

I have now completely forgotten my other topics. I was going to do a wedding update, wasn't I? I guess by now everyone is aware of how much I like to procrastinate.

So moving on.

If I could do a completely stupid wedding I so would. When I say stupid I mean like completely ridiculous. I think it would be completely highlarious if Tallboy and I spent the ceremony saying cheesy pick up lines to each other....

TB: Did it hurt?
Me: Did what hurt?
TB: When you fell from heaven.
Me: *witch cackle laugh* eheheheheheeeeEEEEeee

Me: Do you have a map?
TB: No, why?
Me: Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.

OK you get the point. IT'S FUNNY.... I think i'm seriously talented in being entertaining.

Anywho, last few new ideas (P.S - we won't be doing the pick up line thing, that's just something I created in my head when I was driving home)

So I am thinking of writing a cutesy little reading, to be read at the wedding similar to the last entry.
I am also thinking that if we get catering that don't supply plates, cuttlery etc. I could buy bulk plates from ebay and decorate them with our names and then put scroll type writing down the bottom stating 'love birds' or something cute.

That's it for now. A bit of a random blog but you get that with me. No new wedding venues sourced, no new food ideas, no new budget ideas.

The end for now.

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