Saturday, 25 June 2011

wedding songs and procrastination.

I've been trying to think of wedding songs, however I'm a girl in love with Punk Rock and Emo music soooo majority of my itunes songs are screamo or about heartache rather than love songs.

So when you put me, the internet and wedding songs together you just get procrastination. I'm SO good at that.

Example A:

I LOVE Degrassi haha well I only loved it because of the characters, Craig and Ashley and I love this song by Howie Day. It makes me all like 'awwwww' but I don't think it's weddingy, I think 'Collide' is more about picking up a relationship time and time again and TB and I haven't really ever had to do that. 

Sigh... the search continues. So over it. 

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