Tuesday, 7 June 2011


It's funny, I wanted to write a wedding blog 'how to / whingebook' for so many reasons. Mainly to put up photos of what I love and to write down idea's and of course to rant. Yet now that i've created the blog it's as if I have nothing to say.

Hopefully i'll feel inspired to write more soon.

Hopefully i'll figure out how to use my laptop properly so I can upload photos of things I love.

I am really excited for my wedding, to walk down that aisle and to see Tallboys face but there is also so much stress that comes with it. I'm 6 months in, to being engaged and I didn't think it was possible for stress to become a factor so early. I have a new idea for the venue and location so maybe after a bit more research i'll have a better idea of what i'm doing.

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