Thursday, 30 June 2011

What a day.

Wow what a crappy day.

Too much driving. I do not want to drive or be a passenger in a car for a longgg time.

This morning I had to drive from Secrets, to the Kwinana Depot, from the Kwinana Depot to Kensington, then from Kensington be a passenger in my bosses car until Henderson, then worked a few hours, then from Henderson be a passenger in a car to pick up my car in Kwinana.

THEN because of the rain the depot flooded and I had to try to figure out how to get to my car without getting drenched as it was too flooded for me to walk to my car from the front of the office, so I walked all the way around the office, onto the footpath and then when I was on the footpath island in front of my car I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants so I could walk through the flooded water to get to my car door and as I was rolling up my pant leg a truck drove past exceptionally close and fast to the footpath Island and DRENCHED me from head to toe! So THEN I had to call work and tell them i'd be an extra hour, I drove from Kwinana to Secrets, got changed in a microsecond and jumped back into my car and headed back to work where I got to baldivis and then my boss called and told me not to worry about coming back in today. 

Ughhhhhhhhh sooo bad! It was just a crappy day and now I'll be laughed at, at work tomorrow for being retarded. 

Now I'm spending my afternoon washing and hanging up clothes inside the house because it's raining. 

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