Thursday, 2 June 2011

How it all started...

I'm twenty three years old, newly and happily engaged but I am clueless.

I never in my life actually thought I would be engaged so young (to me 23 is young!) I always figured i'd be a career woman, see the world and get married closer to 27 - 30 years old. However, since when has life ever gone according to plan?

I was twenty years old when I met Tallboy, I met him at my friends house and he was friends with her older brother, in the three years i'd been hanging out with my friend, i'd never met, heard of, or even seen him and I'm sure it was the same for Tallboy. I went to my friends house for pre-drinks before we went to run havoc on the local night club and he was in the living room hanging out with the boys. I remember I was sitting in there with them for only a short time and he was high-larious. He was just a random person and that instantly made me interested. He was funny, tall and cute - brown hair and blue eyed.

After this first meeting we had a few encounters and eventually went on a date, after that I freaked out a bit, I was always such a commitmentphobe and I liked to keep my distance whenever things got close to going anywhere. So of course I put up a wall and was consistently hot and cold but Tallboy was way too smart for me, he just played it cool and made it seem like he didn't care. I took his space giving as him not being interested in me and of course chased after him again. After about two months of this we decided to give it a shot and here we are planning a wedding.

*A lesson to learn from this - treat them mean, keep them keen. 

Being with Tallboy hasn't stopped me from doing what I thought i'd be doing at 30.
We've seen amazing parts of the world together and I probably wouldn't have done that so young without him. We've been through a lot of tough situations and made it through and he's pushed me to try and succeed more.

No couple is perfect. I've found someone who has matched my imperfections, imperfectly.

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