Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm hungry

Oh lord! I am famished.
Want to know what this bride-to-be's diet is? - You do!?

So today I had
x2 hashbrowns for breakfast - the breakfast of champions.
x1 bowl of noodles for lunch.
My, how vegetarian of me today.

mmmmm gorge-tastic.

anyway I am so hungry, so only a quick blog tonight.

LOOK OUT DANCE FLOOR! TB and I are going to burn through you on our wedding night, check out our dance moves one month into our relationship..........

wow what a let down, guess who still sucks with technology! I thought i'd saved the picture but didn't then I thought I still had the email it was on, but I don't.


I am so good at this.


Imagine seeing a ridiculously tall, goofy and fluffy-haired Giant (6 foot 8) and then an Average girl with the dancing skills of an anorexic Oompa Lumpa together on a dance floor.

Yep what an epic picture.

Good Imagination guys.

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