Monday, 27 June 2011

This could work.

Ok so after my rant yesterday I tried searching venues again. I quickly gave up and went back into my foetal position BUT then I remembered a I answered a girl at works phone last week and it was a guy from a downsouth rental house place that was calling to confirm her booking, so I called her and she told me a website, I had a look and there was a house on a large property surrounded by bush land. So I emailed the contact and asked if they would allow receptions to take place there and the guy said that they have previously allowed it. 
He asked me the number of guests and I gave a rough estimate and now i'm just waiting for a call back.

Sneak Peak:

A tire swing?! UM SOLDDDDD!
Anyway would definitely put this in my 'go have a look at' folder when Tallboy and I go to Margaret River. The only other one I keep thinking of is Casa Del Franco. Apart from that i'm not enthused or blown away by anything but that's because when I see a venue similar to caversham house I just think 'F you, not even going to bother asking for a package because I know you'll be dreamdestroyingripyouoffgalore.' 

Here is also an update of must have cutesy factor things that I'm going to have in the wedding:

  • Wooden letters - I'm going to have wooden letters spelling something tied between trees on string above us at our 'alter' they'll say something cute from a lyric from a Brand New or TBS song. 
  • Moss letters at the start of the Aisle on each side with giant 'A's covered in Moss.
  • Candles in glass jars lining the aisle.
  • Candles in glass jars going down the tables as the centre pieces. 

I also need to ensure that I hire a horse. Oh Pablo.

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