Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hurrah! I'm Clever.

It's amazing how far pushing buttons and fiddling with things can get you.

I can now put up pictures. YAYYYYYYY for me!


So now I am going to attempt a visual journey.

Up until about 2 - 3 weeks ago i'd always wanted a wedding held at a beach on the sand. I always thought I don't care what happens, it HAS to be a beach wedding.... Yeah, nah. So not into that at the moment anymore. Never ever thought that, that would have been the case.
About 4 months ago I was obsessed with the Westin hotel ceremony in Nusa Dua Bali.

I wanted this style more than anything (Light blush pink colour of course)
I was set on it for about 2 months and was completely set on it. Further to this we established that the ceremony alone at that particular hotel was about 3k Australian... for a 15 minute ceremony - I don't think so. So that then put us on a new path.

Rip off the same ceremony but do it at a beach restaurant and have the reception there too! I was very excited by this for the money factor. We found a restaurant that would accommodate our request.... I hated the look of it at day time, to me it looked cheap and nasty but by night it looked amazing and romantic.

This is the day time set up.
But at night time it's as if someone slipped you a magical drug that makes you think you're on a beach in mexico, sure it's a little rough but it's simple, it's on the beach and it's under the stars and it's got the one thing all weddings need, a dance floor!

Even though I wasted the wedding planners time, I think it's an important lesson to would be brides and grooms, if you have a gut feeling stick to it. Even though I liked the night time set up, I hated how it looked during the day. Stick to your gut and don't be pressured into something you don't want, love or think is worth the money.

From looking back at this i've realised the following things:

I don't want a Bali wedding.
I don't want a reception to be held on sand.
I don't wan't to be charged 3k for a 15 minute reception.
I do want a dance floor.
I do want an outdoor reception (I think)
I like the idea of petals and candles lining the walk down the aisle.
I love those chinese bobble lantern things.
At the end of the day I just want TB to be happy and to have an amazing day all the guests and to get amazing photos by Jimmy from Izo Photography.

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