Sunday, 12 June 2011

I feel a Zilla moment coming on.

I have a headache that makes me want to hammer rusty nails into my temples. So painful and I can't get it to fade out.

I just came home from a lovely date with Harry Potter, she is one of my Bridesmaids, we had a date at the movies and went and saw the movie 'Bridesmaids' it was highlarious. Then from there I went to see Pa and print out some documents, wedding packages and general wedding stuff (just remembered I forgot to print out a check list - stupid headache clouding my judgement) and from there tried to explain what i'm looking for our Wedding, and then I also did a draft budget.

We really should be able to get the basics for what we want but i'm stressing out about everything. It's SO stupid. It should be illegal to stress this early, aren't you supposed to stress like last minute about all the little details? Seriously F my lift right now.

It is so ridiculous from the budget, bridesmaids, guests, interfering by standers, an ex bali wedding planner who is being retarded and doesn't know how to deal with the real situations that a business brings you and overcharging venues where do you start?

I should just be friends with an anorexic and sober community so then I wouldn't have to worry about the price of drink and food.

Some people say i'm over dramatic.

I hate weddings, I think they are stupid. I hate that I don't really hate them and that they aren't really that stupid.

'Pretty' shouldn't be expensive. Stupid jerkface venue owners.

Anyway everyone should go and see this. I'm going to go back to foetal position now and rock in a dark corner somewhere. (I'm not that over dramatic)

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