Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I have it.

I figured out today that since being engaged I have changed what I want for my wedding about seventy three and a half million times.

Top idea changes:
1. Have the wedding Bali (Tallboy's idea. I want no part of it. Canned that idea.)
2. Have the wedding in Perth. (TB hated my idea.
3. No have the wedding in Bali  (Ok I came around) - hire a bali wedding planner, do heaps of research, choose a venue, fall in love, leave it three weeks, fall out of love. Cancel the planner and previous ideas.
4. Have the wedding in PERTH!
5. Fall in love with a Venue in Swan Valley - do research, love the place, get all amazing ideas and start dreaming away of how perfect the day will be..... find out the price.... cancel the dream.
6. Have the wedding in Margaret River - Find a venue that is gorgeous, think of a theme, find it all fits and then email them to find out that they won't let you have a private caterer.
7. have a 'zilla' moment and stop caring about the wedding for the millionth time.
8. Elope and go to vegas.
9. Have a brilliant idea to hire a massive amount of land and figure out the rest later.
10 - We are figuring out the rest later.

I love being clueless. Yay for me!

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