Monday, 2 January 2012

Holidays are almost over!

So my Christmas break is almost over and it's soooo sad! I have really enjoyed being a bum and wouldn't mind a few more days or so to do absolutely nothing and I think i'm really anxious about going back to my new role because I want to succeed in it so bad but it's really full on and I just wish I knew it all. I am excited to get back into it but definitely have the jitters.

So I had a really full on week. I had my lighter spray tan and my make up trial. I felt like my spray tan made me look a bit like a corpse, I have no idea why, but it just didn't have the glow that I was after and it also made me think I'll go to a salon for a tan the day before the wedding not a home spray tanner. I also had my make up trial, it went ok. I think I got freaked out by having such a natural look and I'm concerned that the make up wasn't long lasting. My skin seemed to drink the foundation and absorbed it really quickly, after 3 hours I felt like I wasn't wearing any at all. So I'm going to email the make up lady and see what she suggests.
On the Wednesday Tallboy and I went shopping in the city for wedding rings, he got his but after I tried on about 25 different rings I gave up. Nothing fits my solitaire and curve of my profile. So I'll probably get a plain band but then I want wedding lyrics engraved on the outside of the band - something different and something more suited to me. So that's the only thing I can think of right now, I don't want to design a diamond band incase when it's made I hate it so that's why I wanted to find a pre-made ring to match it to but it's not really happening. 
On Wednesday I also went to my work mum and dads house and they created some beautiful wedding invitations for me. Then Talboy and I also had our engagement shoot, it was so much fun and it was also somewhat embarrasing. I'm NOT a natural at all! I could never model. I am so stiff it's so awkward but funny too. So we'll get those photos in a few weeks. Then next pay I'll pay off Jimmy (photographer) for our wedding package and start saving more for the wedding. I am also trying to sell some dresses on ebay to clear out my wardrobe and get some savings back on track, it will also help not having so much clutter for the new house. 

On Thursday I had a casual day, I went to lunch with Kelly my pocketsize ball of love friend from work and we then went down to the local pub and had some champagne. It was a delicious lunch. Club sandwiches are amazing!!!

On Friday I went to breakfast with Partner and it was amazing, so soo sooo good to see her and catch up. We promised to try and make our schedules better to see each other more but it is quite hard. She works so hard the poor dear and now we are on completely different work shifts and we're both poor so we'll have to see what we can manage. 

On Saturday I went up to the Holiday Inn at the Casino with Tallboy, our housemate, his girlfriend and Other Jimmy. We had a great time during the day, drinking endless ruski's like I was 16 again, swimming in the hotel pool and playing games. We went into the casino for dinner at about 8 and then at 10.30 I felt really unwell and almost passed out so I went back to the hotel and waited for the others to return. I wasn't phased. I'm not big on New Years and I didn't want to bring the others down so I just told Tallboy to stay out and enjoy himself. I unfortunately was quite sick and it did suck throwing up instead of bringing in the new year but hey, nothing was going to beat my last year NYE in Vegas anyway. At least on the Sunday I wasn't hung over. 

Sunday was a chilled day and I just chilled out and Tallboy and I took our dogs down the beach. Nothing much happened. We had KFC for dinner and watched really bad movies. 

Today I went to the shops as I needed to get a dress for a wedding next week and of course I drive all the way down there and Dotti (the shop I had a gift voucher for) was closed. I was soooo annoyed. So then I just bought vegetables and salad for the next week as starting tomorrow I am on a DIET. EW! I know! I'm doing a quick fix diet of kate morgan shakes for 4 months to try and drop a dress size and then focus on staying that size. Oh fad diets, how I can never stick to you! So yeah I'll be trying that strictly whilst sticking back to exercise so fingers crossed. Who knows guys, who knows!?! 

Anyway I had heaps of photos from my phone but then I totes got all computer savy and synced my phone and then all the photos went missing, gone, JUST GONE! So no photos for you!!! Shameeeeeeeee.

 Tuesday but my week is already full on, tomorrow I have a spray tan and make up trial for the wedding, Wednesday I'm looking into Wedding Invitations and doing our engagment shoot, Thursday I'm going to Morley with Kelly, Friday I'm finally seeing Partner (!) and Saturday is New Years Eve! Sunday I'll be hungover and Monday I'll be dreading the holidays being over so quickly. FAR OUT!

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