Sunday, 29 January 2012


I've been so lazy and have not blogged at all lately.
Basically right now I feel SO fat! I've put on so much weight and it's terrible. So back into shakes (which I have been terribly with for the last two weeks) and exercise starting tomorrow.
NO clothes fit me or look good, I look so feral in everything, esp my work uniform. I don't want to go out and wear dresses cos when I do I feel horrible. hating myself today. blergh.
I will update properly when I get a chance.

Quick update.

Thursday - Australia Day at Memmas, saw Harry Potter, melted, was a beached whale in a mini paddling pool, loved the water, melted.
Friday Night - Tallboys birthday, lots of drinking, lots of laughing, lots of taking care of a very drunk giant.
Saturday - Ran around town with Haveachat and did a whole pile of wedding stuff, got my centerpieces sorted, got our decorations for the wedding sorted, went to lunch, lounged, got more centerpiece stuff, went to dinner with memma, hung out with tallboy.
Sunday - hung out with Lovechild and came home and watched the new girl, did some washing.
Monday - Tomorrow, back at work, at the new desk, hate the new desk. I also have to go to Thornlie to sort out my tafe enrollment. I'm terrified so nervous, haven't studied in years and am scared i'll fail. So very very nervous. Back to RPM and shakes. it;s going to be very hard.

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