Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I don't want yo two cents, foo'


Anywho, time for an update. My wonderfulllllllll workmum (by default, she's actually my workdads wife) has been working on my wedding invites for me and so far they are sounding absolutely amazing. Pa (my real life daily dad) has been making me wedding signs to hammer into the fields to give directions and just make the rusticy cuteness that is needed. So that's cool. I've got to pay off Jimmy Teo the amazing photographer this week and I am needing to order some beautiful paperbags from Etsy as i've decided to do a lolly station instead of table favours, because that's sooooo cute…but it's mainly because I'm lazy and people don't take wedding favours anyway (well I never do.)

No other wedding related news I guess. I do have to finalise the guest list. Apart from that Harry and Lovechild are arranging my hens night so I have to do that guest list too but apart from creating a theme I don't want to know about it.

Work has been to die, soooo good. I have been so busy and doing a lot of applicant calls so it's repetitive and I am getting more confident in understanding the requirements and the different levels, classes and requirements of tickets etc. I'm loving it. I know it's just going to get harder and more hectic but I think it's great. I'm enjoying myself.

Now I'm just at home, came home from dinner with Harry and at dinner she told me ghost stories so now I'm hiding in my room until Tallboy comes home. I'm really tired but now as I work in HR I don't like going in with greasy hair or shabby make up so I have to blow dry my hair and paint my nails. Then when I lose weight I can go back to wearing skirts, damn christmas and my lack of control.

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