Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day One

Today was my first day back to work and my first day of Kate Morgan. Thoughts so far are, I wish I knew everything about my role at work, I'm so keen to get into it but am also so anxious, I just want to be a HR pro. Not good. Must keep trying to work hard and get my head around things.

Kate Morgan………….. Kate Morgan…………Ok so I really do like the shakes, I think that they taste quite nice. I made it through the morning ok, I didn't struggle much, around lunch time I was so hungry, I drank my shake so fast and I munched on my half a cup of carrot like a champion. Again at 3pm I was so hungry so had some fruit, as soon as I got home I made dinner. I made chicken and salad, the first 5 mouthfuls were absolutely devineeeeee and then after that the chicken started to freak me out and I struggled to eat the rest. I also got to have a chocolate mousse which I ate as slowly as possible to enjoy it as much as I could. Now it's 8.10pm and I'm still feeling hungry, I am trying to ignore this feeling. I know that if I can just take it day by day I will be ok. I have a work dinner on Friday and a wedding on Saturday so they will be big tests, the dinner won't be too hard as I can order salad or fish, the wedding on the other hand, that will be a challenge - alcohol, set menu and desserts. I must be strong!

I also went to the gym this morning. I got up at 5.30am and got to the gym at 5.50am, I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then a bike for 10 minutes. I only ran a little bit and walked the rest but I'm still trying really hard. Tomorrow morning I am going again and I will try to see if I can do a class. Classes are hard to do as I push getting to work on time but I usually make it just on time.

Nothing else really happened today and this has been quite a boring entry, I'm just too tired to focus right now so I think I'm going to crash.

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