Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day Two

I have already broken one of my New Year Resolutions…to donate blood.
I know I totes went all preachy on everyones asses a blog entry or two back and was all like 'save lifes you blood hogging aholes…' ummm but yeahhhhhh.

So, I had my appointment to booked in to donate for next week (I work long hours, 7.30am to 5pm and can't just leave to give blood) my appointment was booked too early as I thought my hours were changing, so I called the hotline and asked to be rebooked…ALL of the hours available were the middle of the freaking day? Um No.
So then I asked for a Saturday, the clinic near me isn't open on a Saturday.
Then I asked for a Thursday Night, the clinics weren't open Thursday Nights, only Monday and Tuesday nights… So I said ok Mon or Tuesday nights and all of the appointments are taken.
What do you want from me Red Cross Australia?
Really, Come Onnnnnn.
If you want my blood then open up on a Saturday or make Blood Vans do work runs or something!!! Seriously! OR make it compulsory for good blooded dole bludgers to give blood.
Use my ideas you jerks.

Moving right along...

Day two of my Kate Morgan shakes went better then yesterday.

I was able to focus on my work a lot more today and I really tried harder on the little things that I am able to do like the applicant enquiries and just answering the phone, it's still super hard but at the same time it was .01% easier today. YAY FOR ME!

Anyway I found being busier and focusing more helped with the shakes as I wasn't continuously focused on my hunger.

I had a shake for breakfast, then some fruit, I caved at work and had one of Memmas hot chips, then I had my lunch shake and some fruit. I drank my 2L of water and I went to the gym this morning too… then at 5pm Memma and I decided to go on one of our impromptu dinner dates (always so much fun! Doubleeeee Troubleeeee) and I was good…. I ordered grilled chicken breast and salad…. and I had the sauce on the side (Mustard, the Kate Morgan book says I'm allowed mustard) but…. I caved a bit… I ate 3/4 of a baked potato with sour cream. Oh lord! It was amazinggggggg om nom nom nom, but then my stomach hurt for about 30 minutes haha maybe it's already shrunk? Probs not. Anyway I felt bad but it was so delish and I'm glad I still did ok. Next time i'll just ask for them to not give me carbs so I can't be tempted to eat it at all.

The dinner was so fun. Memma and I used to go to the same high school but we were a few years apart and we were talking about all of the stupid High School girl stuff that we used to do and the teachers that we hated it was actually excellent. I came home and put on some washing, got my gym stuff ready for tomorrow and straightened my hair, now I'm watching an episode of wifeswap (Loveeee wifeswap!) and am wanting to stab this homophobic biatch in the eye (Stupid woman on the show was being mean to the Lesbian.) DON'T BE MEAN TO THE LESBIAN. grrrrr she made her cry!!! SO cruel!

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