Saturday, 14 January 2012

Exhausting day and still plenty more to do.

Gah, what a hectic day. I am exhausted.

This morning I got up fairly early as I had quite a lot of errands and house work to do.
I got up, cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, did a load of washing, convinced TB to hang out that load, then I went to the shops, paid the doctor, bought groceries, posted items, put away groceries, took down washing, put on another load of washing, washed the dogs, swept, vacuumed, hung out washing, cleaned the bathroom, picked up wedding invites, stamped 70 envelopes, and put on a roast.

So now I have to take down my other load of washing and put up the towels, then I'll be going through and folding everything and put it all away. I also need to cull my wardrobe and then put any dresses up for sale on ebay and all others go to charity. Crazyyyyy.

Anyway I have to go do all of that. Here is a sneak peak of the wedding invites. I have to go do more house stuff now.

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