Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day Eleven

So it's day 11 of my shake diet. I haven't been as strict as I guess I should be but I haven't caved as much as I thought I would have.
Last night for example I went to Hans for dinner, I should have just gotten soup but I didn't, and today I ate half a wrap instead of fruit but oh well whatevs.

Degrassi is on again! *Squee* Craig is back. haha i'm such a loser. I fecking love Degrassi, good old Canada. Maple Syrup, Degrassi and Silverstein. Lovely.

Anyway apart from my shakes and reawakening of my obsession with Degrassi there isn't much to report on.

My new fav past time is still going to be youtubing lovey montages! Yayyyy I'm going to try and find one from the hills now. Yay for me!

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