Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

SO, of course with the New Year comes the requirement of New Year Resolutions.

1.) Lose weight. My get skinny quick diet plan will TOTES work! I am going to stay positive and stay focused. I will be an anno bride. I just want to drop a dress size and lose some weight in my face and then I will work on getting smaller if that's what I want. I am going to keep up my exercise and mix up RPM with running.

2.)  I have to break my love affair with my 'Breakfast Coke' :( This one is going to be hard, I've created a massive addiction to Coca Cola over the last two months so it won't be easy at all but I just need to keep telling myself that Coca Cola is not a need at all. Goodbye my almost lover. 

3.) Donate more blood. I always get turned away when I go to donate blood, the staff are always like 'Wahhh you're iron is too low' 'Wah you had a piercing' 'Wah you got aids once' 'Wahhhh you had a tattoo' etc so it's kind of annoying that they always turn me away OR they let me donate but can't find my veins so they prick me 8 times and collapse my veins and then say 'hrrmmm sorry, maybe next time, have a fruit box' But putting that aside I will try again to give blood every few months. If giving blood can save up to 3 lives, people are idiots for not donating on a regular basis. At least I try. So Yup, donating as much as possible. 
4.) Housey, housey, housey!! I can not wait to move house. It's going to be magical. We won't have a house full of clutter it will be minimal and clean. I can't wait to create a garden and fill it with beautiful pink and white flowers. I can't wait to have herbs growing in a special place and make it a wonderful place to want to hang out in. Yayyyyyyy.

5.) BE HAPPY. That's it, just be appreciative of the people in my life. I want to love Tallboy more than ever and just make sure that he knows that I do appreciate him. We have a ritual that after work whenever we see each other we give each other a kiss, I want to ensure that we keep doing that. It's actually nothing that we ever talked about doing, it's just what we do. It's an unspoken thing that we have done for as long as I can remember and I just love that, that's our thing. I love my nerd burger. 

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