Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Flash Back Timeeee

Warning: This entry confirms that I am a loser, a highlarious, modest loser.

I don't care if people are going to judge me for this but i've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, I freaking LOVE Degrassi (The next generation) I loveeeeeeeee it. I was obsessed with it when I was 16 and discovered it on the ABC channel when I was supposed to be doing assignments and shiz, Helloooooo Degrassi, gooodbyeeeeee education.

Oh my goodness, I just loved Ashley and Craig (Oh Jake Espstein *swoon*) and I was was just flicking through the channels an hour ago and Degrassi was on!! OMG. *Geek out* ANDDDDDD Craig (Jake *swoon*) was back on the show for some reason (he totes left like 4 seasons ago…I think… I don't know, I haven't actually watched Degrassi for about 6 years) and I was SO excited, too excited for the old lady that I am.

Anyway so I felt the need to go on youtube and find my fave song montage things of Crash (That's Craig + Ashley for those of you playing at home) I put one up when I first started my blog, but heres another one.

Hope you Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..

I think I loved this couple so much on degrassi is because it was easy to relate to - not the healthiest thing to relate to (a dysfunctional relationship and a lot of lies and cheating) but relative enough. It's kind of like Ross and Rachel from friends all the too-ing and fro-ing, but the love was there. 

I love the videos on youtube that non-technologically-challenged people create and make up. It shows the characters so well, actually all I really focus on is Jake (*swoon*) and the way his character was so broody and tempremental. Reminds me of a few people actually, that's the real reason I know that I love it so much, oh memories haha.

Now go, google Degrassi and be amazing. ugh, to die. Love it. 

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