Friday, 13 January 2012


So after a crazy but rewarding week at work I got home tonight to see Tallboy had totally added the sweetest touch to our surprise dinner date. I got home to find he had bought me yellow roses and he wrote me a beautiful card in his scribbly toddler hand writing.

I walked in and did our after work kiss ritual and then was talking as I walked into our bedroom and the flowers were there waiting on the bed. I was like 'What's that? Why are you being nice to me?' and then I cried a little haha I seriously again said 'why are you doing that?' haha and he was so sweet. We ended up going to Subiaco to the Witch's Cauldron for dinner as I'd said for ages how much I'd wanted to go there. It was quite nice, we got a booth. I ordered the garlic prawns and then a chicken dish. I couldn't finish it (the shakes must be working!)

Now we have come home and are quite exhausted. I have a crazy day tomorrow, I have to go to my work mum and dads to see the invites, get workmum some red wine, send ebay items in the post, pick up an item, pay the doctors from monday, buy groceries and clean the whole house because I can't stand it any more. I'll also cull my wardrobe and give what I don't want to charity. Then all of my dresses that I don't wear I will list and add to ebay.

Hectic. Sunday I'm going to mexican for lunch and next weekend i'm going down south to check out our wedding venue and plan the lay out.

Hectic, crazy, frantic, amazing.

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