Monday, 9 January 2012

Day Seven

So I've been doing Kate Morgan shakes for 7 days now (hit and miss on the weekend) and i'm finding it ok, the weekends are definitely the hardest and I had a work lunch, wedding and a friend catch up lunch on this weekend so it was quite challenging.

Friday night was our goodbye dinner for Heather my fellow co-worker. (My old boss used to frustrate us both so much that it brought us to tears to which Dean, my old boss would say  'Every time you cry you kill a whale') Oh i'm going to miss making those memories with her.

Anyway my fav work peeps and I went down to the local and had a few drinks, my new boss Lou kept topping up my wine glass and we also all had dinner (I'm trying hard to stick to Kate Morgan, but couldn't afford Vodka Lime Soda, so wine had to do. I also had squid and salad for dinner - an 'ok' choice) Topher came down and I finally got a glass of champagne bought for me (He's owed me a bottle for like 4 months because I totes got him his OHS Manager Job by encouraging him to apply for it internally (which he still doesn't acknowledge was my doing, but whatevs)) and then I ran into an old friend and had catch ups until Tallboy came and picked me up. I was a drunky. :)
Topher and my class of champagne

My ball of love, Kelly.

Saturday, I woke up with a pounding head and could not deal with the thought of drinking a milky replacement meal shake but I tried, I drank half and ate a carrot. I took nurofen and I drank a lot of water, got prettied up and then Tallboy and I headed to his cousins wedding. It was a beautiful, short and sweet ceremony in a wonderful old church with a beautiful roof.  
After the ceremony Tallboy, his parents and I went to subway (I got tuna salad and low fat dressing) and then we eventually made our way to the reception…. at the reception I caved, there were amazing cocktail entry type food things served, deep fried cheese! It was amazing, spring roll - amazing and meatballs - ugh delishhhhh. Then all of the alcohol and the mains! I had two breadrolls and delicious chicken with potato bake and the most fabulous gravy. Then dessert (which I normally just skip) was creme brulee' and I wouldn't normally eat it, but I just gorged! 
Then after that I felt bad so I tried to at least dance some of the calories off, so I dance but nothing could compare to Tallboy he was a freaking dance master, you couldn't get him off the dancefloor he even dropped his dacks with the Groom and did 'Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle' to Sexy and I know it by LMFAO. Hahaha. Low light of the night was definitely running into an absolute trashed 35 year old woman in the same dress as me. I was mortified AND she looked better in it than I did and she even put her hand through the backless part of mine and groped my boob. MORTIFIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Ughhhh horrific.

Tallboy dancing with his 8 year old cousin, SOOOOOOOOO cute. Someone needs to punch me in the ovaries, I just got clucky.

Sunday, I wasn't hungover at all, I hung out with Tallboy a bit then I went to lunch with Lovechild and Twinner. I didn't really enjoy mine (Caesar Salad, dressing on the side) but the garlic bread was devineeee. Then I just came home and chilled out. I had a carrot for dinner because my stomach was hurting so badly. 

Today (Monday) I went to the gym but my stomach was so sore and I was exhausted, so I did a really pathetic work out on the bikes. Got to work, my stomach played up cramping with weird aches all day but apart from that it was a really good day. It flew by, I felt good about what I got through and I can't wait for tomorrow to learn more and hopefully be more productive a bit more each day. I'm really enjoying this and want to give it a good go. I did my two shakes, had two pieces of fruit, for dinner I had  fish and salad and for my dessert I froze a mousee so I could have something that tastes like icecream. Memma is not impressed that I have done this and she wasn't brilliant enough to think of this. Silly Memma. 

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