Monday, 26 December 2011


Oh my goodness!
I am FINALLY on holidays! I haven't had holidays since last December and it was becoming really hard to get through the last few weeks of work because I was just in so much need of a break.

So time for an update.

Friday I went to work and did my usual 9 hour day, it was a nice day. Lou brought in cupcakes and sweets for us, we were also given smiggle Christmas gifts earlier in the week. Frenchie put on Pizzas for lunch and our bosses gave us christmas gift vouchers so it was a day full of perks. Friday Night I went out with TB and his friend to the local pub and ran into old friends, drank too much and had a good night.

Saturday was Christmas Eve, I spent majority of the day feeling sorry for myself and nursing a hangover, then TB and his friend made me go with them to get food before picking up my car. So of course Davis' car battery had to die, we were stuck in the car for about an hour. It was pretty terrible, such a hot day with a hang over. I was grateful to get home. Saturday night I went to Harry Potters house for Christmas Eve dinner. I had wonderful food and a good time with Harry, she let me meet her new puppy and the feast had a mac and cheese pasta bake. It was delish. 

Sunday was Christmas Day, I got spoilt by TB and his parents. We went to his Grandads house for breakfast and then we went to his other side of the family for Lunch. It was a nice day. I generally don't enjoy christmas and family gatherings and prefer to stick to direct family events but everyone had a good time. I'll be seeing my Dad and Brother in January so that will be really good. 
Today being boxing days everyone stupidly goes to the sales, I did this (dragging Harry Potter along), and I won't be doing it again. Madness. I had to go and get an outfit because TB and I have our Engagement Shoot on Wednesday Evening so I had to find something to wear, I opted for a pleated sheer maxi shirt that I'll team up with a simple singlet and accessories. Then I came home and did some house work (SO boring) and now I feel like being antisocial until TB is home then I might make him go out somewhere with me or watch a movie with me. 

So, yes so far that has been my holidays. I don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday but my week is already full on, tomorrow I have a spray tan and make up trial for the wedding, Wednesday I'm looking into Wedding Invitations and doing our engagment shoot, Thursday I'm going to Morley with Kelly, Friday I'm finally seeing Partner (!) and Saturday is New Years Eve! Sunday I'll be hungover and Monday I'll be dreading the holidays being over so quickly. FAR OUT!

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